Hee Jin Bang

Faculty, Dissertation Chair, Education Consultant

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Educator, researcher, writer, & consultant with 12+ years of experience. Have attended top institutions in both the U.S. and the U.K. as an international / overseas student. Areas of expertise include Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), writing assessment, and professional development in teaching of writing. Currently serving as faculty/ dissertation chair at two U.S. universities.

11年教育行业, 学术研究员,作家以及咨询师从业经验。以国际生身份毕业于美英顶尖院校。 我的专业方向包括对外英语以及写作职业教学。 目前我是美国两所大学的教职人员并且任职于学位答辩委员会。


Hello Everyone! My name is Hee Jin; I am excited and honored to have the chance to help you achieve your academic and professional dreams. I was born and raised in S. Korea, went to the U.S. for my secondary education at Milton Academy (Milton, Massachusetts), after which I went to the U.K. for my bachelor's degree in Linguistics & French at Oxford University. During the 3rd year of college, I taught at a high school in Le Havre, France; upon graduating from Oxford, I taught for another year in Seoul, South Korea, before returning to the U.S. for Master's in Education at Harvard University and Ph.D. in Education (Teaching & Learning and Applied Psychology) at New York University.


Over the past 20 years, I have had numerous experiences with writing competitive applications, assessing writing, and training teachers to become better teachers of writing across the curriculum. I have applied and gained admission to competitive private schools (such as Milton Academy, Philips Andover Academy) as well as colleges and universities (Oxford University, Harvard University, Stanford University, New York University, University of Chicago, Rice University). During my undergraduate and graduate years, I have regularly applied for and received grants to undertake research projects and to present my work at conferences. My doctoral and post-doctoral training also included writing grant proposals for awards from federal organizations (National Institute of Child Health and Human Deveopment, National Institute of Mental Health) as well as private foundations (Spencer Foundation, Jacobs Foundation, Francis Gould Foundation, William T. Grant Foundation).


I am passionate about education and believe that it is an individual's single most empowering possession. My experience as an international / overseas student in the U.S. and the U.K., along with my professional experience as an academic / researcher in U.S. institutions, place me in a unique position to serve as your advisor. I will be happy to share my experiences and help you achieve your educational and career goals. 


大家好,我是Hee Jin; 非常高兴也非常荣幸帮助你实现你的学术和职业梦想。 我出生在韩国, 然后我去到美国米尔顿高中就读, 高中毕业后我就来到牛津大学攻读语言学和法语。大三的时候,我去到法国勒阿弗尔教学, 从牛津大学毕业后,我又在韩国首尔教了一年书。 然后,我又回到美国哈佛大学就读教育学硕士以及纽约大学攻读教育学博士。

过去20年, 我在申请文书写作, 职业写作培训方面积攒了非常丰富的经验。 同时我也被很多世界知名的私立高中以及大学院校录取,比如:米尔顿高中, 哈佛大学, 牛津大学, 斯坦福大学, 纽约大学, 芝加哥大学以及莱斯大学)。 同时,我也有申请研究经费进行学术研究以及学术研讨会演讲方面也有非常丰富的经验。 我的博士学业也包括进行一些联邦组织资助的研究, 包括国家儿童健康人文发展组织, 国家心理健康中心)以及一些私立机构(Spencer 基金会, Jacobs基金会,Francis Gould 基金会,William T. Grant基金会)

我对教育是非常痴迷的并且我认为这是每个人有用的宝藏. 我的国际生背景以及在美国教育机构的研究经验让我有足够能力为你提供服务。 我非常乐意和你分享我的个人经历并且帮助你实现你的学术职业目标。 







New York University

PH.D Education (Teaching & Learning and Applied Psychology)

Harvard University

Master Education (Human Development & Psychology)

University of Oxford

Bachelor Linguistics & French

Milton Academy

Senior High Humanities / Social Sciences


Dissertation Chair

Grand Canyon University

Advise doctoral students through the process of developing their prospectus, writing their proposals, conducting the research, and completing their dissertations

Contributing Faculty, Methodologist

Walden University

Advise doctoral students on research methods (qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods) as they work on drafting their prospectus, research proposals, and dissertations

Senior Research Manager, Curriculum Developer, & Reviewer

Amplify Education

Planed, coordinated, implemented, and managed studies on the usability and efficacy of English Language Arts, Math, and Science digital curriculum products

Reviewed digital prototypes, student- and teacher-facing materials for coherence, accuracy, and alignment with grade-level Common Core State Standards

Wrote components of program guides for the company’s English Language Arts products, reviewed lesson guides and materials tailored for English Language Development

Senior Research Associate

National Writing Project

Designed and conducted qualitative and quantitative research aimed at evaluating teacher professional development programs focused on helping teachers become better writers and better teachers of writing across the curriculum

Provided technical assistance and consultation to program leaders and researchers at NWP’s local sites to improve their professional development services for teachers

Program Associate & Postdoctoral Fellow

William T. Grant Foundation

Reviewed Letters Of Inquiry (LOIs) and full grant proposals for the Foundation’s primary research initiatives: social settings, measures of classroom quality and household dynamics, use of research evidence in educational policy

Wrote responses to LOIs, materials for Board of Trustees and program-related documents, literature reviews, synthesis of surveys of researchers, practitioners and policymakers to inform grant-making

获奖 & 荣誉

Outstanding Dissertation Award

New York University

Kappa Delta Pi Award for Excellence in Leadership and Service

Kappa Delta Pi, International Honor Society in Education

Mitchell Leaska Dissertation Research Award

New York University

Elected President of NYU Kappa Delta Pi Chapter

Kappa Delta Pi, International Honor Society in Education

Russell G. Davis Fellowship

Harvard University

Academic Excellence

Kathleen Chesney Prize in Modern Languages

University of Oxford

Academic Excellence

Diploma with Distinction: Summa Cum Laude

Milton Academy




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    lothen May 23, 2018
    生物化学 留学文书润色 语言润色


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  • Jiameng
    Jiameng May 7, 2018
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    She is professional and highly efficient. Thank you very much!

  • Apr 25, 2018
    市场营销学 一站式申请 / 项目制套餐

    Dear Hee Jin

    I’m sorry for the delayed message since I’ve been busy preparing for my thesis this month. I’m glad to tell you that I’ve accepted the offer from King’s College London. To be honest, I don’t have much confidence in myself at the beginning of my application process since I’m transferring my major from Foreign Diplomacy to International Marketing. However, after communicating with you about my strongest strengths, I’m braver to unfold my passion and love for this new subject through my internship and reading of professional literature.

    During the revision process, you always reply to me on time and answer every question asked by me. Reviewing the revisions of these 11 documents reminds me of your professional work throughout the 3 months. I appreciate your kind tone when communicating with me, your clear logic when revising my document, and your warm encouragement when I encounter with difficulty.

    Without your help, I don’t think I can learn not only how to attract the admissions officer but also how to communicate my passion and suitability for a specific programme as well as a job in the future.

    I want to thank you for everything you’ve done to help me, and I wish to work with you again or visit you in USA or Korea in the near future. Wish you all the best luck and success in your life.

    Yours sincerely,

  • Yinshi
    Yinshi Apr 14, 2018
    教育学 模拟面试服务

    Dr. Bang is very responsible and efficient, and her advice is with great help for my interview. She taught me the main skills about the interview and the mock interview was very very necessary!
    Thank you very much!

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    She is a nice consultant that mainly could meet your expectation.